Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random pictures of my kiddos...

We haven't been doing much lately. Same old boring stuff!! We have an exciting weekend coming up though! Dave and Leah and their girls are coming to visit! I cannot wait! Anyway, here are a few fun pics of the kids...

Braedy, Masen, Kaylen, and Scott. Mase LOVES his baby sis! He's a "little" over-protective of her!!

Mase, Kay, and Scott. For some reason, it's really fun to hang out in mom and dad's room!!

Masen's favorite past time- Nintendo DS. Kaylen is obsessed with watching him!

Classic Kaylen.

Bug and Rae Rae playing Webkins.

The girlys!! Brae is such a great big sister, she's so patient with Kay Rae.

My cute boys! They have lots of fun together!!

This is Kaylen doing one of her favorite things....talking on the phone! We are so in trouble! She is only 2 and every single time one of us is on the phone she comes up to us and says, "I talk!" She loves it and will jabber forever! We have to pry it out of her hands!!


Heidi and Kevin said...

they are so cute!! so much fun i miss you guys!!

Traci said...

It is so fun to see you guys I love it!!! Your kids can't get any cuter!

. said...

What cute pictures. I need to have you tell me how to get so many picts on a post. It will usually only let me do 4. HMMMMM

Garmire's said...

k Brenda get off the treadmill and post again!jk. I miss you guys and I'm looking forward to June! Love you guys!