Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Colorado National Monument!

My mom and dad came for a visit last weekend. It's always such a good time when they come. The kids really look forward to it and love every second of the time they get with Grandma and Papa. I cannot believe I didn't get any pics of my parents but it doesn't really surprise me. When the camera comes out, they disappear! I need to get some of them with the kids, though. Good memories!! Anyway, we never do a lot when they come, they just like to spend time with the kiddo's. We did a little shopping, I tried to get my parents to play Guitar Hero but only Dad tried it out. He didn't last long though. On Saturday we drove up to the Colorado National Monument. They have lots of hiking trails up there so we tried one out. It was so much fun and so beautiful! We decided we need to go every weekend and try a different trail. Here are a few pictures.

Masen, Braedy, Kaylen, and Jayden. There are lots of cool places to take photos. The hike was pretty easy, (even Kaylen walked the whole way) and the scenery is AMAZING!!

My four cuties up on a big rock. Daddy and Grandpa helped them get up there. We like this picture because of the awesome background. The Monument is beautiful!!

We found this really large lizard under a rock......Oh wait, that's just Mase. They had lots of fun exploring.

Braedy, Jayden, and Masen climbed up on this little hollowed out part of a rock wall. They were pretty brave! I don't think I would have done it!

Kaylen felt left out of the last picture so she wanted to climb up on this little tiny ledge and get her picture taken but when I put her up there, she got a little freaked out. So, I climbed up with her. She wants to be big so bad!!

We tried a new restaurant afterward. The Grand International Buffet. I am not a fan of buffet's but Scott really wanted to try it so we did. It was actually really good. It is mostly Chinese food, which I love, and it was pretty delicious!! We hung out on Sunday, went to church and played around a little. Then on Monday we sent the kids to school, went to breakfast and then they started home. Their time here always goes WAY too fast and it's always sad to see them go. But we had a great time and I am so grateful that they are willing to make the journey to see us so often! Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend!! We love you so much!!

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