Monday, October 3, 2011

I am still alive....

But just barely! Life has been so busy! We have been sooooo busy and a lot has happened since my last post... so much that I don't even know where to start or how to catch up!!! I have been terrible about getting pictures of everything. I need to do better. I feel awful about how much I have missed capturing in pics but I can't really change it now! :( So, here is my attempt at playing catch up-


We went to Utah for a few reasons. 1- My brother Kevin got married. Can you even believe that I didn't get one picture of any of the wedding happenings? What a bad sister I am!! It was a really great day. I got to play the piano while people were arriving for the ceremony. It was fun! Kevin and Clair seem really happy together and I am so happy for them!! 2- Masen did his second year of BYU football camp. He got to play in the stadium this year! It was pretty big time! He had a lot of fun. He does it with his cousins, Ethen and Zak. They have a good time together!! 3- All of the kids took swim lessons from their aunt Heidi and her family. I LOVE this swim school! They are so amazing! Kaylen was terrified of the water at the beginning of the summer and now she jumps off the side, goes down the slide, and swims like a champ!!! It was a jam packed trip but it was a ton of fun!!!

Here is the one pic I got of the football camp-

Here are some pics from swim lessons. Somehow I didn't get any of Jay and Brae. But rest assured, they were amazing!! ;)
This first one is Heidi throwing Kaylen off the diving board. This was the last day of lessons and Kaylen refused to try so Heidi took things into her own hands!!!

This next one is Mase doing a front flip off the diving board. He was pretty proud of himself!

Mase rocking the goggles. He makes those things look good!!!

A couple of days after we got home from Utah, Scott's brother Brent and a few of his kiddos came out to visit. Chris and Kaylee needed some dental work done. We did some swimming and just had a pretty relaxing weekend. It was a short trip for them but we sure enjoyed having them!!


A few days after they left, my brother Mike, his wife Lisa, and their three kiddos came out for the Fourth of July. We had so much fun! Lisa and I took Braedy and Emily to see Monte Carlo. It was a cute show and it was so fun to have some girl time! Mike and Scott went golfing, and took the kids up on the Monument. The kids played hard and we swam a lot. Our next door neighbor has a huge Fourth of July party every year complete with an amazing fireworks show. So we sat in the backyard and enjoyed the fireworks. It was so relaxing and so much fun!!! I just wish I had more pics to share!! :( Here are a few-

After that, we had a couple of weeks where we just hung out and did the everyday stuff. Scott celebrated his 38th birthday on July 17th! It was on a Sunday so I made some sweet pork burritos, cilantro lime rice, and a mexican lemonade. It was yummy! Scott LOVES pie so we bought a couple of pies instead of having birthday cake. It was fun!!

About a week later, Troy and Lisa and their kiddos (everyone except TaeLor :() came out for a visit. We swam a lot (again) and just relaxed. It was so much fun! We love our family!!!!

The last weekend in July, Scott took all the kiddos to our Ward's Father's and Kid's camp-out. They had a great time and it was a nice break for me!! The kids all LOVE camping but man alive was it a lot of work getting them all out the door! So worth it though to see those smiling faces when they got home!! My parents came for a visit that weekend, too. The trip was short and sweet. We played cards and relaxed.


The first weekend in August, we went camping with Scott's parents, Troy and Lisa and their kids, and Kevin and Heidi at Miller Flats up above Price, Utah. It was so much fun! I was exhausted by the end of it but it was so worth it!! After camping, we went to my parents to clean up and rest for a couple of days. Then we took our annual trip to Lagoon! The kids look forward to this every year!! Except for Jayden who doesn't appreciate amusement park rides! My dad took Jayden to a reservoir to go fishing in a canoe! Jayden loved every second of it! He said it was the best day of his life!!! Thanks, dad!!!

Here are a very few pics of camping. It was a beautiful campground!! Thanks to Kevin and Heidi for scouting it out for us!!

After we got home from that trip, we headed right into all the back to school festivities- registration, back to school nights, etc. School started on the 24th of August. Jayden is in 9th grade, Braedy is in 7th, Masen is in 3rd and Kaylen starten preschool on September 7th. (No back to school pics!) Since then, Jayden has completed driver's ed, Braedy completed a season of volleyball on the school team (which she loved and improved a ton!!) and Mase has started a new season of flag football. Kaylen is also taking an art class which she is enjoying more than I can even put into words!! Life is busy but I am loving every minute of it! I will be better at keeping things updated! I'm sure everyone has given up on me and this silly blog!