Friday, July 24, 2009

Toothless at last!!!!

Masen watched all of the kids in his Kindergarten class lose their first tooth, one by one. Some even lost 2 or 3 or 4 teeth during the year. He kept asking me, "When am I going to lose a tooth?" I kept assuring him that it would happen before school was out. Well, the last day of school came and he still hadn't lost a tooth. It was very devasting for him. He thought that meant that he was the youngest one of all his friends! Poor kid! Anyway, the last few weeks he has had four really loose teeth but he won't let me touch them. Last night, Scott was getting him in the bath and said, "Let's surprise mom and pull your tooth." Masen was all over that! I guess he trusts dad because he is a dentist! So, Scott pulled his tooth and the Tooth Fairy visited and everything! He is so excited to have finally lost his first tooth!

He is a little self concious now. He doesn't think he looks like himself. I think he looks absolutely adorable!!

This is Masen holding the loot that the Tooth Fairy brought!