Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What happened to the lazy days of summer?

I feel like this summer has flown by!! We have been so busy and so much has happened! And now I can't figure out why my pictures won't download! I'm so bad on the computer!

We spent 3 weeks in Utah... Mase did the BYU football camp and all the kids took swim lessons from their awesome Aunt Heidi and her family. We stayed in Provo with Troy and Lisa and their adorable kids. We got to watch Tae dance... ShE iS aMaZiNg!! And we got to see Zak play baseball. It was really fun!! I always enjoy spending time with Troy's family. The kids get along so great and I love Lisa and Troy!!

After that week, Scott had to come back home to work but the kids and I went up to my mom and dad's. We spent Father's Day with them and spent lots of time with my parents and Scott's parents. It was really relaxing and lots of fun. My parents took Brae and her two cousins Savanna and Emily to the Manti pageant. I tagged along since I was husbandless! It was the first time I had ever been and I loved it! It was so amazing and me so very grateful for the early Saints!

The next week we got to attend the wedding reception of our niece Kira and her husband Nick. It was really nice. Kaylen was a flower girl and got to wear a pink and green tutu. She loved it!! Scott flew back into town the next day and we took the kiddos to Lagoon twice in the next 3 days. It was such a blast! Braedy and Masen love all the rides! Kaylen still isn't too sure about them but she still had a ton of fun. Jay doesn't care for rides so he stayed home with his fav cousin Thomas. They live in Canada so we don't get to see them very often.

It was such a fun trip and the kiddos had a great time with their grandparents and cousins but I'll tell you what- I was so ready to come home! I am a tiny bit of a control freak and I hate living out of a suitcase!! So it felt really good to get home but then we decided to move!! So we went from living out of suitcases to living out of boxes!! I finally got most everything put away yesterday. It feels like home!! We love it! We went from 1400 square feet to almost 2700!! It is so much better and the kids all have their own rooms which is so nice! The kids have been having a blast and I am enjoying the space.

Now, Scott has planned a trip to Hawaii for just the two of us! Can I tell you that this will be first trip for just Scott and I since we've had kids? I'm a little nervous and a lot excited! I've never been away from my kids for more than a night or two but it will be good for them and me! When we get back from that, it will about be time for the kids to go back to school! It's crazy that my last post was about school ending and now they are going back! I'm not quite ready for it and neither are they but I guess that's how it goes, right?

It's been a fun, crazy summer! It's gone by way too fast! And I really hope that time slows down soon because life is passing me by and I don't like it much! Here's to the rest of the summer!!