Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family pictures

We had our family pictures taken last week and it was honestly the best picture experience I've ever had!! Take a look at some of them at this address www.plushmoments.blogspot.com She is seriously such a great photographer and, I'm glad to say, now one of my super good friends!! Check it out!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's been a while...lots of random pics!!

OK, so I haven't posted in a while and I guess I've taken a lot of pictures so here is a really big post with LOTS of random pictures. We are having a lot of fun here and settling in nicely. Jayden has made lots of friends but since he goes to Fruite middle, most of them are in Fruita. He does have one good friend that lives close so that helps. Braedy has a really good friend at church who is switching schools next week and she will be going to the same school as Braedy and she will be in Brae's class too! We are very excited about that! Mase just loves life. He misses the tramp but is loving his school and teacher and seems to have lots of friends. Kaylen is just happy to be here. She loves here siblings and is growing up way too fast!!

We have a really cool park within walking distance of our house. There are two ponds there were our kids love to fish. It's free and it's catch and release (my favorite kind) so I love it and so do the kids. It is Jay's favorite thing to do and he drags the other kids along, unwillingly most of the time. They always end up having a blast though.

A few weeks ago, my cute hubby gave me a break and took the three older kids to Grand Mesa while Kaylen was napping. It was fun to just relax for a while but I am a little jealous I didn't get to see this in person! It's beautiful!! It is the largest flat top mountain and Scott just found out that it is an inactive volcano!! Interesting!!

Kaylen got a new winter hat and I thought it was so cute that I had to take a picture of her!! She thinks she is pretty cool with it on. She usually rips every hat off of her head but for some reason she keeps this one on. I'm happy about that!!

Scott and Jayden took a trip the weekend of November 14 to Denver to stay with some good friends from dental school. On Saturday they went to Colorado Springs to see BYU play Air Force. They had lots of fun and Mike and Lindsay's little girl Braelyn loved Jayden and he kept her entertained the whole weekend. Thanks Millward's for entertaining my boys! Oh, and to my brother Mike, notice that Jay is wearing red and black, that was for you!!!

Masen learned about the letter H last week in Kindergarten, so they had a 'Hilarious Hat' day on Friday. When we started brainstorming about what to create his face brightened and he said, "I know!! I want to make a turkey hat!" So this is what we came up with! It was a lot of fun and he LOVED it!

OK, so I jumped the gun just a little bit and put up our Christmas tree! We aren't going to be around after Thanksgiving and then it's Brae's birthday that Tuesday so I just wanted to get it out of the way. One more thing to check off the to-do list!! The kids were extremely excited! Mase is our Christmas boy so of course he was in heaven! Kaylen kept saying, "Oooooo, pretty!!" I don't think she quite knew what to think about all of it but she enjoyed herself!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy Eights...I got tagged!!

Crazy Eights

Leah tagged me.

Eight TV shows I like to watch:

1. Biggest Loser
2. House
3. Intervention
4. Top Chef (It starts again Wednesday!! Yeah!!)
5. Project Runway
6. Jon and Kate Plus 8
7. The Office
8. Spongebob Squarepants (It's the funniest cartoon I've ever seen!)

Eight restaurants where I like to eat:

1. Olive Garden
2. Bajio
3. Goodwood
4. Red Robin
5. The Cheesecake Factory
6. Garcia's (miss it!)
7. P.F. Chang's
8. In and Out

Eight things that happened today:

1. Cleaned out the garage
2. Started laundry (but did not finish)
3. Cleaned the kitchen
4. Drove around with Scott to scout out neighborhoods
5. Looked at a really nice house
6. Went to dinner with Scott
7. Bought Jayden some new fishing stuff. He's becoming quite the fisherman!!
8. Talked to dad on the phone

Eight things I'm looking forward to:

1. Thanksgiving- Family, food, shopping...who could ask for more?
2. Braedy's birthday (#10, can you believe it?)
3. Going to The Forgotten Carols with Mom, Dad, Mike, Lisa, Emily, Kevin, Claire, Savanna, Jordin, Scott, Jay, and Brae for Brae's birthday.
4. Christmas
5. Seeing Dave and Leah and their cute girls!!
6. Masen's 6th birthday
7. Snow (but I don't want it to last long)
8. November 24th because it will be the day after we have to talk in Sacrament meeting!!

Eight things on my wish list:

1. That all of my kids will stay close to the Savior and always love the gospel!
2. Continued health for my family
3. Happiness
4. To sell our house in Boise
5. To magically lose weight really easy (that really is wishful thinking huh?)
6. That I could see my extended family more
7. That I was going to Hawaii with my mom and dad on Wednesday
8. That I had enough money to pay off all our debt!!!

Eight people I tag:

I don't think eight people read my blog so, if anyone reads this and wants to do it, that's who I tag!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

I know I'm a little late getting these pics up but I guess better late than never, right?? We had lots of fun on Halloween night. Jayden went trick-or-treating with his friend Daniel. It was kind of weird for me but he is 12 and I guess parents and younger siblings just aren't cool anymore!! So I headed out with Brae, Mase and Kay and Scott met up with us after he got off work. Mase still doesn't love trick-or-treating. It's fun for about 10 minutes and then he keeps asking, "Can we go home now?" Kaylen, on the other hand, LOVED it!! She ran up to all the doors and said, "Tit-or-teat!" Then after they gave her the candy she said, "Do do!" (thank you) then, "Bye!" and then proceeded to blow thousands of kisses. It was hilarious! She is such a friendly, out-going little girl! Where did she come from? Anyway, we had lots of fun and got LOTS of candy!

The awesome pumpkins. The kids had lots of fun carving!!

The three musketeers!!

Princess Leia (a.k.a. Kaylen) She hated the wig.

The Black Spiderman NOT Venom (there is a difference) (a.k.a. Masen)

Hannah Montana (a.k.a. Braedy)

Two weird scary guys (a.k.a. Daniel and Jayden)