Saturday, April 25, 2009

A long overdue update!

I think I am probably the worst blogger in history!! I don't know why I put it off for so long because then it takes me forever to do one post! And it probably takes forever for you guys to read them! I'm sorry! I'll do better, I promise!! Here's the update-

The first weekend in April my youngest brother Dave and his cute family came to visit us. We had so much fun but of course I didn't take very many pictures. I am famous for that!! We watched conference, went to dinner a couple of times, Scott and Dave went golfing, and we did a lot of just hanging out. It went way too fast but we enjoyed every minute that they were here! Thanks for coming guys! We went hiking on the Monument but didn't make it to our destination because poor Chloe fell on a cactus and got prickly's all over her leg! We got them all out and she was fine but she was so sad so we turned around and went home. We got a good hike in though and the kids had fun.

Dave, Chloe, Leah, and Ally.

Mase with the little girlies. He thinks they both are so cute. I think he's right!

All the girlies! They had a ton of fun together. Ally and Braedy played Pet Shops the entire time. We moved Brae's bed into the boys room and that's where Ally and Braedy slept. Chloe slept in Kaylen's room. It was tight quarters but so much fun!!

Cute Ally Kristine! She is such a sweet girl! She was fortunate enough to get to see Dr. Stoddard and we are happy to report she has no cavities! Yea, Ally!!

Kaylen and Chloe had a blast together! They played so good the entire time. The fed each other, took baths together, and just had a great time. It was so fun to see those little girlies together!

We played TONS of Guitar Hero. It was so much fun! Dave is AMAZING at the drums! I can't even make it through a song on drums! I guess guitar is my instrument! Look at the concentration on their faces!!

We went to Utah for Easter. It's always a good time when we get to spend time with family. We went on Friday and came home Monday so it was a little bit longer than the usual quick weekend trip. Thank goodness!! We were still as busy as ever and it always feels like we never get to see everyone or do everything that we want. Oh well. There's always next time!!

Kaylen with her Papa and Grandma. She LOVES getting to see them!!

The Friday before Easter, I had Emily and Savanna sleep over at my mom's with Braedy. They had lots of fun together! I only took a couple of pictures.

The girlies with their Easter art projects. They had a ton of fun!!

Emily, Savanna, and Braedy in the hot tub!

The day before Easter, we had a birthday party for my Grandma Pingree and an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. It was lots of fun and the kids got WAY more candy then they needed. WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD!! Sorry about all the pictures but there were so many to choose from and they were all too cute!!

Grandma Pingree on her 85th birthday!! She is such an amazing lady! I hope that I can someday be as wonderful as she is! Hope you had a great day, Grandma!!

These pics are on Easter morning. I didn't get very many. I guess I wasn't in the mood or something. I didn't even get pics of the kids in their Easter duds! Maybe I"ll do that this week!

Kaylen with her Easter Basket.

Mase and his Easter Basket. Jayden and Braedy slept over at their Grandma Stoddard's house so I didn't get any pictures of them with their baskets.

Kaylen and her bubble gun. The Easter Bunny was really nice this year!!

Well, there ya go, my long overdue update! Hopefully, I won't wait so long between posts this time!


Team Millward said...

Ah don't worry. I go in total spurts. Either I do a million posts in a week, or go like a month without doing any. And be on the lookout for a fanny pack in the mail. I want you to strap it on and keep your camera in there at all times. Don't ever take it off, except when you shower! Braelyn wants her cousins to come back and visit.

Heidi and Kevin said...

so cute i love you pics! it was fun to see you guys even though it was short!! love ya

. said...

Emily had so much fun at th esleepover. Thanks for doing that for them. They love to be together.