Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it's back to school we go!!

So, it's the middle of the week, but my kids started school today!! CrAzY!! It makes me a little sad that the "lazy days of summer" are over! I love summer! It's good to get them back in school and a little more regimented, but I'm really sad to see summer end!

Jayden is super excited to be getting up at the butt-crack of dawn again. He has to catch the bus at 6:30 so I get the fun task of prying him out of bed and getting him moving. Actually, he's really good about getting up and getting himself moving. He's a great kid! He had mixed emotions about starting school this year. He was excited to go back to school but was anxious and worried about the bullies from last year. He looks a little startled in this picture because it was still dark in our house, the flash was so stinkin' bright, and he was trying really hard to keep his eyes open!!

Braedy and Masen don't have to be out the door until a little after 8:00 so that's a little more manageable. Braedy is always nervous for the first day of school but she was pretty excited too. We met her teacher on Monday and she seems super nice. She also has a lot of friends in her class so that always makes it easier. Masen has been excited for school to start since it ended last spring. All summer he kept asking me, "When am I going to be in first grade?" I think he was just excited to be like the big kids and go all day and eat lunch in the lunch room. His teacher seems really nice, too. When we met her on Monday, Mase wouldn't even look at her. I asked him if he was going to talk to her on the first day of school and he said, "I'll probably just talk to her on the second day." He was kind of bummed because his two best friends from last year aren't in his class. Oh, well.

Wednesday is early day so Brae and Mase got home first. Braedy had a great day. She really likes her teacher and had a lot of fun. This is her last year of Elementary School! Time goes way too fast! Masen found one of his friends from last year at recess so he was pretty excited about that! He had a lot fun, too. It was funny because he was so excited to eat in the lunch room but ended up taking his lunch today. He says he's going to do a "pattern" and switch off every other day. He's so funny!! They both seemed to have a great first day!

Poor Jay doesn't get home until almost 4:00! It's a long day and then he has homework on top of that! He scared me when he came home because he came in the door with a frown on his face and acting like he had a terrible day. But then when I started asking questions, he broke out in a smile and told me how awesome it was! He has a couple of friends in most of his classes so that helps. But BEST of all- the bully is not in ANY of his classes!!!!! I couldn't be happier and I'm sure Jay feels the same! I am so relieved that he had a good day! I hope this year turns out as good as the first day was!!


Hillary said...

Yeah for school! Summer is SO fun, but the kids starting back to school is great too. Jayden is SO big, I can't believe it!

Heidi and Kevin said...

oh good i am so glad that they all had a good day at school!!!

Garmire's said...

Can't believe summer is over and they're all in school! Beautiful kids! Love you all!