Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing catch-up.....once again!

OK, I know it's been a month and a half since I put anything on here. If there was an award for the biggest slacker blogger, I would totally win! My kids have kept me busy the past few weeks. I have way more pictures than I want to put in one post, so I am going to spread them over a few days! I'm going to start with Braedy's gymnastics meet. It was the first weekend in May. She did AMAZING! It was the first time she competed individually. She was absolutely nervous but I was very proud of her! Here are just a few pics. Sorry they are so dark, I don't know what happened!!

What a cute gymnast!!

Braedy doing her floor routine. This was her first event and she was super nervous! She went a little faster than she should have so she had to stand and wait for the music to catch up at the end. But she recovered and did great on the other routines.

The beam. Braedy doesn't really care for the beam. It's a little scary to her.

The uneven bars...Brae's fav!!

Getting her medal!! She wasn't too excited to be standing in front of all those people so she jumped down before I could get a good picture of her!

She also did some vaults but my camera takes forever to snap a picture and I didn't get a good one of her vaults. Overall, it was a great experience for her. She had a lot of fun and it was awesome to see how much she has improved! Grandma and Grandpa Garmire were able to be here for her meet and they took her out for a milkshake afterward so that made it even more fun!!

Also, she found out yesterday that she is moving up to the next level! I really like the gym that she is at right now. She has improved more in the last 8 months than she did in the first 3 years of taking gymnastics.

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