Friday, June 12, 2009

16 miles with a 50 pound backpack? I'm glad it wasn't me!!

Jayden had an overnight hiking trip last month. They had to pack everything they would need in a backpack (including all the water they would need for 24 hours) and hike 16 miles round trip! I think that just sounds like torture but he LOVED it! He had lots of fun and Scott was able to go so that made it even better! Scott took the camera with him and did a great job taking lots of picutres! Here are a few!

The whole gang!

Is he really a boy scout? Where has the time gone?!?

He even did a little (pretend) rock climbing!!

Our now experienced hiker!

Scott took lots of scenery pictures! It looks beautiful up there!!

There were TONS of lizards! It was heaven for Jay!

Ah! A snake!

Jayden LOVES the critters!

He had a GREAT time! There are not a lot of boys his age in our ward but the few we have are good kids. He also has really awesome leaders who don't let the boys slack. Jayden has accomplished a lot since we moved here! He's looking forward to the next camping trip!!

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Team Millward said...

YAY, you do live in the land of blogging. I can't believe he is in scouts either. Crazy! Glad he had fun! And yes, you are right, if we lived in GS we would be much closer to you guys. I don't think it's gonna happen though