Monday, March 2, 2009

2 years ago today.....

I am so amazed and a little sad at how fast time has flown since our little Kaylen Rae was born! She is growing up way too fast and I don't like it! She doesn't care though and just keeps getting bigger, smarter and faster every day! Here are some pics of her from the last two years...

We celebrated her birthday over the weekend since Scott had to work tonight. We took her to dinner on Friday and then had a little party on Sunday night. She got lots of fun toys and had so much fun. She loved being the center of attention! And her sister and brothers were more than happy to oblige!

The "cheesey" birthday girl! This is what we get now when we tell her to smile!

The awesome cake professionally decorated by Mase and Brae!!

Blowing out the candles! She was a little nervous about the flames and needed some help blowing them out!

A new baby doll cradle! She spends lots of time rocking her babies to sleep!!

Her very own mailbox! She is expecting lots of mail from all of you!!

New "petties" from Grandma and Grandpa Garmire. I think she was just as excited about her new clothes as she was about her toys!! Such a girl!!

I am so grateful to have Kaylen Rae in my life! She has been such a joy to our family. She is a very happy girl and has been such an easy baby. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. She has a very sweet heart and can't stand to see others cry. She is first on the scene to give hugs and kisses whenever necessary. I can't say how blessed I feel to have her. She has taught me so much! I love you Kay-Rae! Happy Birthday!!


Team Millward said...

cute, cute, cute! Crazy that she is 2! Braelyn is 4 tomorrow, but she won't know because we will be driving back from AZ. Good times!!!

. said...

She is so dang cute. It is so weird how fast time goes. I am glad she had a good time. Love you guys.