Friday, December 19, 2008

Head injuries and snow boots

The last few days have been a little bit traumatic at our house for Mase and Kay Rae. On Wednesday, Kaylen walked with Scott and Mase to the bus stop and on the way she got running to fast and ended up on her head in the street. She got a little scraped up but nothing serious. There is a pic of her poor head below. Also on that day, she climbed up on the top bunk in the boys room. Masen yelled at me that she had climbed up there but of course I had dirty hands from making cookies so I told Mase to hold on a second. While I was washing my hands, I heard a big crash and then a blood curdling scream. I went running in there and asked Mase what happened and he told me that she jumped. From the top bunk!!! Luckily she was more scared than anything and stopped crying after she got into my arms. What a dare devil!!

Now on to Masen's injury. I took the kids to see Madagascar 2 today and we got there just as it was starting so I sent the kids in to get seats while I waited for their pizzas to cook. A few minutes later Jayden came running out and told me that Mase had bumped his head really hard and was crying hysterically. I told him to try and calm Mase down and I would be right there. He went back to do as he was told only to come racing back out at top speed to tell me that his head was swelling up really bad. Then Brae came out with Masen and boy, was Jay right! It was huge! I asked for some ice and they gave me some in a plastic glove. We had to fill out an incident report but they were nice enough to let us do it after the movie since it had already started. Anyway, by the time we got into the theater, the previews were still running so we didn't miss anything. I guess what happened is Mase thought Jay and Brae were holding the door for him but they weren't and as he tried to walk through the doorway, the door smacked him in the head! He has been in a lot of pain tonight but is asleep now. He cried when we got home and he looked in the mirror! And he is already refusing to go to church on Sunday because he doesn't want anyone to see his bump! Poor guy! The pictures do not do it justice, plus this is two hours post injury and the swelling had already gone down a ton!

We have had a couple of inches of snow in the past few days which, in the minds of my kids, means we all need snow boots, gloves, scarves, and hats. So, those things have been strewn all over my house. I get the lovely job of either pickin them up of dodging them and walking over them. Anyway, Kaylen loves wearing Masen's boots so I had to snap a couple of pictures. She looks kind of funny especially with no pants!!!


Garmire's said...

Poor kids! I can't believe Masen's...holy crap! Love you guys!

Team Millward said...

Ohh, so sad. Why, why, why must things like this happen all at once?! My mom once had to visit the ER 5 times in one day with us kids. I love Kay's boots and no pants! She's so cute!

. said...

WOW!!! What a good time. Masens head looks awful!

. said...

Brenda did you for get how to post updates on your blog? LOL. We already miss you guys. Love Ya Lisa