Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Braedy's Project

Braedy had her first project of fourth grade. She had to come up with a new state symbol for Idaho. She did Mr. Potato Head as the state toy. This is what she wrote-
I think that the new symbol for Idaho should be a state toy. I think that Mr. Potato Head should be the state toy because the state vegetable is the potato and I think Mr. Potato Head would represent the state of Idaho very well. There are lots of children in Idaho and children like to play with toys so I think a state toy swould be a good choice. When Mr. Potato Head first came out in 1952, you had to have your own potato to put the parts on. Idaho has a lot of potatoes so this would have been a good state to live in when it was new. Mr. Potato Head has been around for 56 years so even parents and grandparents know about this toy and everyone likes Mr. Potato Head! You can also dress Mr. Potato Head in different ways. He can be a fisherman, which is something a lot of people do in Idaho. He can dress as a school kid to show the importance of education. You can also dress him for special occasions such as birthdays and vacations. Best of all, he can be dressed in American colors to show how great America is. I think Mr. Potato Head as the state toy would be a great pick for Idaho.

I think she did a pretty good job!

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Braedy you did a great job on your project. I think it would be an awesome state symbol. Love Ya, Lisa