Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vegas, baby!!

Actually, Henderson but close enough, right? We went to visit my brother and his family over spring break. He is in dental school at UNLV. They have a 9-month-old baby boy that we have never seen before so we figured it was about dang time! Scott drove down to Vegas with his buddy Sam. They met up with a bunch of other guys for a few days of golf and NCAA basketball action. They got to watch BYU win a couple of awesome games and then lose miserably!! The kids and I drove down a couple of days later. We had so much fun eating out, playing games, late night talking, and just hanging out!!

We went to Lake Mead one day to feed popcorn to the fish and we had a picnic lunch. My kids love Lake Mead!!

What a bunch of cuties!! Ally is behind Kaylen. Pretty sad that's the only pic I got of her!!

Two of my favorite people in the world!! Leah and Corbin

Big Mase in action!!

Jayden kept trying to catch a fish with his bare hands! He was unsuccessful and pretty bummed about it!!

Crazy kiddos!!

On the way home from the lake, Chloe started falling asleep. Kaylen tattled on her because I never want her to fall asleep in the car because it's usually in the evening when she wants to fall asleep. Anyway, I told her it was OK and then I said, "You can fall asleep too if you want." She said, "I can?!?!?!" After I assured her it was alright she was out within 30 seconds! I had to snap a pic before I got them out of the car! Such cute girlies!!!

I forgot to pack church clothes, so while Dave and Leah were at church we got really bored and put all the kids up on the shelf. They stayed there until Dave and Leah got home. We thought we were really hilarious but I don't think Dave and Leah agreed!!!

Dave and Leah have a game called Just Dance on the Wii. It was sooooo fun and addicting! We spent a good amount of time playing it. Dave is the master at it and he doesn't even try! The rest of us are like totally into it and getting all sweaty and out of breath. And he just stands there and basically moves the arm with the controller and he KICKS BUTT!! It's pretty funny!!

Masen and Kaylen just dancin'!!

Me and Braedy

Cute Corbin!

Jay-Dawg and Bigsie dancing away to Cotton Eyed Joe!!

Dave and Leah letting loose!!

Me and Kaylen getting our groove on!!

Jayden really wanted to go to Hoover Dam so Scott and I took him, Masen and Kaylen. Braedy opted to stay home with Dave and his family. It was amazing! I would have liked to do a guided tour and go inside but we just parked and walked on top of it. I'm glad we went though.

Looking out on Lake Mead. The water level is super low! Kind of scary!!

Jayden looking over the side of the dam!

Looking down from the top of the dam!

At Hoover Dam. This is a new bridge they just built and it is REALLY high!!!

We have so much fun with Dave and Leah! I wish we could see them more! Thanks for having us guys! Hopefully it won't be so long before we see you again!!!


Team Millward said...

What a fun trip! I seriously cannot believe how big your kids are getting. How is that possible? And really, did you really "accidentally" forget your church clothes?? :)

Garmire's said...

We had so much fun with you guys! I'm so glad you guys came! You guys are always so supportive and the long talks were so fun! Don't forget the card playing and the band you guys formed. I'll start practicing so I can get good like you guys! haha! Anyways thanks for coming! Hope to see you guys soon! April?

Stephanie Black said...

That looks like so much fun! I loved seeing all the pictures. The dam pictures look awesome. We drove through there when it was under construction and we thought that bridge looked CRAZY then! I can't imagine driving on it now. So glad you had such a fun getaway...its great to spend time with family like that.

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