Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Schools out for Summer!!!

Well, technically not until tomorrow but I thought I better post before life gets cRazY!! Brae graduates from 5th grade tomorrow! When did graduating from elementary school become such a big to-do? It wasn't a big deal when I moved from 6th grade to junior high but both Jay and Brae have had big programs! It's a lot of fun but seriously, it's elementary!!!

The kids are stoked (is that word even cool anymore?) about summer! I'm sure they have visions of zoning out and playing on electronic devices all day long everyday, not even using their brains. At all. I sure hope they aren't completely devastated when I inform them of my visions. Chores, math facts, reading, writing, OUTDOOR activities.

Here's a question... When did being a kid change so drastically? I remember leaving my house each morning of my summer vacation and only coming home to feed my face. Now, I watch my kids spend their summers on the couch in front of the TV or computer screen. I feel like my kids are missing out on life! That's why this summer is going to be different! Even if I have to force them to enjoy sunshine and nature!!

I'm ready for the lazy days of summer... sleeping in, nowhere to go, vacations, popsicles, swimming, sunshine, camping. But the best part is just a change in the scenery of Life!

(And come August, I'll be ready for the scenery to change back!)


Team Millward said...

I'm sorry, have I introduced you to the overscheduling mom...aka...ME?! I purposely have Brae signed up for stuff all the time because that girl would watch TV all day if I let her! But TV is actually cheaper so maybe I should stick to that. And yes, stoked is a totally bitchin and rad word! LOL

. said...

Come on Brenda I post somthing already and you havent?! just kiding love you Emily =)