Thursday, October 16, 2008

Everybody loves Jayden!!

Today was Jayden's 12th birthday!! I do not know where the years have gone!! We let him open one present (a Nerf double barrel shot gun) took him to dinner at The Golden Corral, bought him some new fishing lures, rented Nim's Island (which, by the way, is a very cute show) and let him stay up until 11:30 to play his Nintendo DS (that was probably his favorite part). We are going to finish celebrating this weekend when Grandma and Grandpa Garmire come for a visit. We are planning to go to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, out to dinner again, open the rest of his presents, and to wrap it all up, church on Sunday where he will be ordained a deacon and receive the Aaronic priesthood!! How exciting!!

Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pics of our firstborn. He has been such a joy to us. He is a very easy-going kid. It takes a lot to upset him and even when he gets upset it doesn't take much to calm him down. He is a great older brother and sets an amazing example for his siblings. He knows right from wrong and always chooses right. He stands up for what he believes in without fear or regret and I have to say I really look up to him for that. Jayden has taught me so much in the time he has been in my life and I can't say how much he means to me. Jayden, you're amazing and we all love you very much!!

Loves the outdoors and exploring!!

What an awesome big brother!!

All dressed up and looking fine!!

Jay loves to swim anywhere!! This pic is at Flaming Gorge.

Jayden a little on the crazy side!!

Not too fond of the water slides but a good sport nonetheless!!

Our handsome "muscle man"!!

Happy Birthday Jayden!! We love you!!


Garmire's said...

That is very true!! Jayden is an awsome firstborn to set the tone and he is a very good example! Hopfully Ally will look up to him and want to be a good example for her little sister, just like Jayden! I can't believe you have a "Young Man" now in the family! Happy Birthday Jayden!!

Team Millward said...

Ahh, what a sweet post! Hope you guys are doing well in GJ!

. said...

Wow!!! It seems like you just had him, I remember you bringing this cute little baby to your parents for Daves B-day party Crazy! Jayden I hope you enjoy being in Young Mens we love you