Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer is officially over!!

Well, it's that time of year again! When we say good-bye to yet another lazy summer, and hello to another year of school! I have no idea where the last three months went! It seems like school just ended! And can I just say that when Jayden was born almost 12 years ago, the thought never crossed my mind that he would ever turn into a middle-schooler! I guess you just don't think about those things when you are holding a brand new baby! But here I am, sending my first-born off into the cruel world of middle school. I am WAY too young for this!!

Braedy ready to take on the fourth grade! I cannot believe my kids are so big!!

Ready to head out the door at last!! Kindergarten, here Mase comes!!

Cute Masen. He was so excited to start Kindergarten, it just couldn't come soon enough. He woke up around 7:00 and dressed himself, made his bed, combed his hair and then spent the next hour and 45 minutes repeatedly asking, "When is it time to go?"

Braedy and Masen were both pretty excited. Braedy was a little nervous but she sure doesn't show it!!

Jayden on his way out the door. Notice the faint hint of worry and stress on the poor boys face!!

This is Jayden after his first day. He realized it isn't as scary as he thought! What a relief!!


Garmire's said...

Love your's really cute! Can't believe school started! They all looked so cute on their first day! Those faces of Kaylen made me laugh..she has the cutest personality. Can't wait to see you soon!

Hillary said...

It is always a happy day when school starts. Your kids look so cute and big! I loved looking at your pictures of Colorado. It was great to see pictures of the Thornall's.

. said...

Jaydem you are so lucky to be in middle school hwo fun. I am glad you liked it. Love Ya

. said...

Masen and Braedy, you look way cute in your pictures I can't beleive you are in Kindergarten and Braedy in 4th. I hope you have a fun school year. Love Ya