Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jayden's 5th Grade Celebration!!

Jayden had his 5th grade Celebration today, May 29,2008. I cannot believe my boy is moving on to middle school! Why do kids think they have to grow up? Anyway, it was really fun. They performed four cute songs and I cried. Jayden got four awards, a Helping Hands award for volunteering to help out around the school, a Best Reader award for meeting his AR goals, Outstanding Citizenship award for good behavior, and the Silver President's Education Award for good grades. He is amazing and we are so blessed to have him in our family!


Garmire's said...

Good job J-dawg! Keep up the good work and be the best student you can! Looks like no middle school anymore! One more year and it's jr. high! You're getting too big boy! Have a fun summer at roaring springs, and if you want to fly us up there, we would love to go with you guys! He he!

Garmire's said...

K Bren-dawg! You did a great job! Now post some more!!!! jk. no really I'm serious. I bet those pig tails are getting longer....and I bet you have some swimming pictures of your kids. k I'll leave you alone. Just know that I love it when you put new stuff up.