Monday, March 17, 2008

Kaylen's 1st Birthday!!


Garmire's said...

You figured it out! Those are the cutest pictures! Wish we could of been there. Thanks for visiting us, we had a lot of time bring the kids! Love Ya!

Hollie said...

Hey Brenda, this is your cousin Hollie. I can't believe this is the first time I have seen Kaylen! She is so cute! I asked my Mom to send me pictures, but she never did. We also have a blog. It is Do you remember Todd and Christina McCranie? She is watching my little Brianna while I am at work. She has a little 9 month old daughter named Emily and they are just the best of friends!

Garmire's said...

Time to post more pics! What have you guys been up to? We love you guys and miss ya! Jayden, Braedy, Masen, Kaylen beg your parents to come and stay with us. Ally needs you!
Love Ya,

Garmire's said...

Yes! More Please!
I bet Kaylen is growing like a weed...well all of them are. We love you guys too! And can't wait to see you guys someday. We miss you guys!